Fel Pro Gasket Seals

best-head-gasket-sealer-300x225A fel pro head gasket seals the cylinders to ensure maximum compaction and prevent flows of oil or coolant into the cylinders.

Head Gasket Kinds

The contact faces are often coated with a rubber like coating including Viton that sticks to cylinder head and the cylinder block.

A solid sheet of copper, copper gaskets are exceptionally durable.

Composite — these are made from graphite or asbestos and are prone to blowouts. Asbestos gaskets are uncommon because of health concerns.

Gasket Issues

Sometimes, a flow will be caused by the compression in the cylinder and the gasket must be replaced, I’d use a felpro head gasket or a gasket set. Aluminum has a substantially greater thermal expansion, which causes more stress although using aluminum instead of iron cylinder heads makes this issue more notable. With the addition of Teflon engine manufacturers have reduced this problem.

If the gasket neglects, issues will, from compaction reduction, to exhaust gases causing the engine and being exposed to the cooling system. I had this issue with one of my automobiles and I discovered the issue was my motor oil was not black. This can be an indication that antifreeze is combining with the oil. Coolant also can find yourself in the cylinders causing.

Extensive damage can be caused by driving with a broken head gasket from loss and overheating of oil. Burning oil is normally exhaust smoke that is Blue.